Beautiful Ocean SGH Giant Brief

  1. Retail price $1895, buy it now for $1595.
    I got couple items from her before, all authentic and brand new. Great seller, very nice to work with...:tup:

    Forgot to include the item number.. ...hehe.... Item number: 220163230725
    Don't know if I am allowed to post link... I am in no way related to the seller, her balenciaga are a little bit cheaper compare to other seller, just want to pass it along to other Balenciaga lovers...
  2. I believe this should be posted in eBay finds with the link only, no comments.
  3. wait a minute. Am I going nuts... Where's the new eBay finds link/thread?
  4. I thought that is where I posted this.... hmm... weird.. that thread disappeared...

    Mods, please remove if this is not okay to be in this subforum... i definitely tried to post under eBay authentic find...=(