Beautiful New Chloe - Maggie I think?

  1. Wow, wow, wow! I saw IRL yesterday a Chloe bag that really stopped me in my tracks. It was a frame bag with the most delicious leather ever and it was so cute, had this very ornate closure on the front and all of these magnificant compartments -- I wish I could find a picture of it -- but I could NOT believe the price :wtf::wtf::wtf: $2,800! It was sooooo cute!!! But the price, what is Chloe thinking???
  2. Omg!
  3. bagangel posted a picture of it awhile back... I also like the maggie bouler...its smaller and I think approx $1500.
  4. [​IMG]

    think it might be this one :smile:
  5. and d&g this is the smaller one, and imo much more reasonably priced!!

  7. yes, it is, but it has not been a great seller, still in stock in stores, and online at Browns, so I think this bag will definitely go on sale come June, so maybe hold on, and if you still love it, you could get it for a much better price imo :smile:
  8. I have loved this bag since it came out, but it has some issues, it seems. One is the PRICE. The other is with the durability of the closures. I saw 3 brand new bags that had been on display for a day or so, and already they would not stay snapped closed. SA's at the Chloe boutique had the same problem. I don't know if it's an easy fix or not, or how long it might take IF one's bag broke and it had to go back to Chloe for repair.

    I saw one on the sale table at my NM on Friday, marked down to around $1700. The clutch part would not close and stay closed. I was tempted at this price, because it's a gorgeous bag. But I didn't. The smaller, less expensive version is a great idea. It has the same beautiful leather and an easy, zip closure.
  9. Gorgeous bag but way, way, way too pricey!! :push::sweatdrop:

    I hope chloe-babe is right and these go on sale soon but they will have to be at least 40% off to bring them in line with what I would expect to pay.....
  10. As I've said before, The Maggie is my perfect bag in every way (except perhaps for that malfunction thing). I love it in the antelope colour. I think the two tones in the leather add depth and would allow it to be worn with more colours. I love the detailing in the front. I love how it has structure up top with the two frames, then has the feminine gathering of the leather at the bottom. I love how the front frame is opened by the push button. I basically love everything about this bag except for the price. It is my dream bag, and If ever i were so lucky to catch it on sale, I would be breaming with joy to make it my first Chloe. I have never felt so passionately about another bag before in my life (and i absolutely adore a LOT of bags).
  11. Nice bag! But wow- its expensive, huh!? Its a shame about the hardware:sad:.
  12. :heart: I really like the smaller maggie :tender:
  13. I fell for it too when I saw it and then I saw the price tag and almost had a stroke. I need a super sale, but damn it is a nice bag.
  14. I can see why you feel this. I started pushing the button to open the other compartment, and I could feel myself inching toward buying it. Maybe a simple twist could fix the kiss lock? $1700 is a lot better than $2900.