Beautiful New Botkier


Nov 16, 2005
I know that there have been some "new botkier threads" around, but after looking at them, I noticed that they didn't feature this one bag, which frankly is my favorite so far. And with all the ladies who recently ordered on activeendeavors and all the activity on the site, here's a new one ...

It's currently on preorder, and I can't get the picture to post, but it is absolutely gorgeous! I love the hardware on it, and it looks like it would fit perfectly over your shoulder. :love: Now I wish I could return my convertible for this one, lol.
hahahaha.. I said the same thing with the boobs. now i don't think i'm going to get it. forsure, now that so many people agree with me on the boobs. lol but great minds still think alike!
Dang it, "Boobs" wasn't the first thing I thought when I saw it then just looked abgian and yup there they are not I can only see boobs! Like the person that said the leather tab on the fron of the spy looked like a penis, now that is all I can think of when I look at them, at least the flesh colored ones.

Cool to know that they have more styles coming out though, maybe there will be some more.
I'm not a huge fan of this particular bag but I do LOVE many of the other Botkier bags. The leather is fabulous and so are most of the styles. I'm getting misty just thinking about them.