beautiful men

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  1. and what about beautiful men?
    i have a serious crush on joaquin phoenix
  2. who do you like?
    i like also jonathan rhys meyers, robbie williams and gael garcia bernal!
    but number one will always be johnny depp!!!!!!! but he is out of this list, he is just perfection.
  3. Joaquin Phoenix is :love: Chemlex sent me some hot photos of him a while back, one ended up as my wallpaper for a while :nuts:

    I love Clive Owen, Ewan McGregor, Johnny Depp, Jon Stewart (don't laugh, he's cute!), Gavin Rossdale, and Matt Skiba, the singer of Alkaline Trio. I'll see if I can find photos and post them later for viewing pleasure :P
  4. robbie williams:love: I have the 2006 calendar in the kitchen, yeah i know it's a bit girlie but...:shame: and for my mature days: george clooney and pierce brosnan!
  5. I love beefy guys!
    Russell Crowe
    the Rock
    Eric Bana
    Mark Wahlberg
    Matthew McConoghy
  6. The Rock :love:

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  7. ^^Sigh, I love the Rock as well. I love Brad too, but we're sort of estranged since he was up to no good!
  8. M wahlberg, M McConoughy (spelling?) ...very yummy indeed...
  9. Matt McConaughey
    Julian McMahon
    Clive Owen
    Gavin Rossdale
    Chris from Soundgarden
  10. tyson beckford:smile:
    the Rock :smile:
  11. You have good taste :biggrin:
  12. :nuts: ;) mmmm....we have a same taste...
    The ROCK.....grrrrrrrrrr...grrrrrrrrrrrhh
    Tyson....hes HOT
    opppsss: my husband would kill me when he knows i wrote this:lol::evil:
  13. The only reason to watch The Four Brothers, was to watch Tyson and Wahlberg.

    Two thumbs way up on Beckford. :P
  14. I actually saw Joachin Phoenix "up close and personal" once. I was standing behind a guy in line at Koo-Koo Roo in BH and was thinking (based on his build) "my God, this guy must really work out, his body fat is like 0%!!" He turns around and it was Joachin with a couple of his buddies. If was probably about the time he was filming Gladiator.
  15. i really adore him, he is so sexy and beautiful.
    i look at johnny as an art masterpiece, but joaquin is the man i would love to marry!!