Beautiful Loeffler Randall bags - in teal too!

  1. I love Loeffler Randall shoes, and was soooo excited to see that he came out with a line of handbags too! The quality looks amazing, and I'm absolutely loving this style - for some reason, it reminds me of a spy...:drool:

    It comes in three colors, and either with woven leather or not. I think I'll have to go by Active Endeavors this week to see them IRL!

    What do you guys think about these? Has anyone seen them IRL yet? What's the leather like?



  2. I ordered the teal one from Active Endeavors but I sent it back.. The leather was very nice but I hated the interior. It was shiny foil-like gold... & there was a big nameplate on the back that I didn't care for. I really debated because I loved the color & style but couldn't get over what I didn't like about it~
  3. ^Really? That's so disappointing! I was really excited about this cause I love the shape and size. I guess it's like Gusttos - the lining sucks and detracts from what would be a lovely bag :push:

    Thanks for letting me know!
  4. No problem! Mind you, some might like the lining or not mind the nameplate, it just wasn't for me. I forgot to add, while the feet on the teal were silver, the lining & the interior hardware were gold. Just seems a little "not thought out" to me. At over $500, I won't compromise. I have to love it or it's going back;)
  5. ^ and see, i LOVE the gold's one of my favorite things about their bags!

    lol...different strokes, i guess :smile:
  6. I ordered the same bag from NM in brown but I returned it the next day. The workmanship seems poor and haphazard and the lining is really flimsy. Sorry but not worth it IMO.
  7. Sorry, too Spy-y for me. Just another 'inspired' bag. :sad:
  8. i got one in nude patent. couldn't find a picture, so here is one in cream patent! just imagine a pink-y nude color instead. I do like the metallic gold lining, but if you had something sharp in your purse I could see it getting snagged and maybe unravel. The exterior hardware is silver, but there is so little of it that I don't feel like it clashes with the interior gold. I like that all the details are in the leatherwork - pleats, tucks, twists, and loops.

    I paid about 1/3rd of the retail, so no complaints here! It's like the little sister to Bedeleia, which Blake carried on GG recently.
  9. Beautiful!
  10. I really like the look!
  11. I saw one IRL when The Purse Store was still in business and honestly, I was not impressed at all for a bag at this pricepoint. The leather was average, the hardware looked inexpensive and the interior - yikes!
    Such a disappointment......
  12. ^ I love the cream patent!
  13. i thought LF was designed by a women?