*~Beautiful Little Things~*

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  1. No handbag this time (saving my $$ for PCE)

    :love: But they are beautiful!

    I'm happy with my choices :yes:

    :wlae: Each 40% off! Yay!
    :tup:Thanks again for your opinions


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  2. "Modeling" pics ;)

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  3. Last batch :shame:

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  4. I'm so jealous of your deal on all of the cute fobs and bangle! I love that fishy, I have her on my white pleated hobo right now. And I still need that red/pink/white flower! Nice haul!
  5. OH, the fish is SO pretty IRL...way to go! Very nice!
  6. NICE BUYS! I am :heart:-ing how everything matches your heritage stripe tote. It's making me want one now....CONGRATS!!!:tup:
  7. Evy, great finds! Love the fish!
  8. Love the bangle!
  9. Nice additions! I have the flower and I looooove it
  10. I love your flower keyfob (sliver with pink)! Is it in the outlets now?
  11. All of them are very cute.
  12. Very nice! Accessories are awesome, arent they?! I have both the fishy and the pink flower charms and love them both. That bracelet is very pretty too. Congrats!!
  13. cute stuff!!! i love the silver flowers one
  14. Love it all.....!

    I have the same berry heritage stripe and have been eyeing the same flower keyfob for it. Thank you for posting your pics, you put it in exactly the same place I wanted it for my bag too (on the outside ring), so it was nice to see your pics and what it would look like.
  15. I love the fishy too. I need more keychains/fobs.