beautiful Judith Leiber keyrings - pics

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. These are lovely, huh?
  2. I love the pig. It's adorable. All of these keyrings are $145.
  3. It's really cute! Where did you find them?
  4. the pig is cute!!!!;)
  5. They're cute! I especially love the pig and the frog.
  6. Very cute! The pig is adorable! Thanks for the pictures!
  7. I found these on the website.
  8. omg the fish is adorable!! and so beautifully priced. i'm a pisces so the fish is what i want!!

    and omg that shi-tzu is adorable. haha.
  9. beautiful!
  10. wow that's really something. any idea where to buy them online?
  11. I love the pig! I'm sadly so tempted. Does anyone know how the hold up? I'd hate to find the crystals all down at the bottom of my purse.
  12. the pig is adorable!

    i make keychains, out of clay :x
  13. yumchocolate ~ I Bet Your Your's Are More Beautiful!

    Vlad ~ You Are So Funny!!!

    Swanky ~ It's So Good To See You!!!
  14. Yeah, they're really pretty looking but with all the wear and tear my keychains get I'd be worried too!
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