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  1. I was cruising through some of the clothing they had and I ran across this fur. I think it's gorgeous, I know alot of ppl won't wear fur but it was such an unusual look I thought I would post it. Tell me what you think.
  2. I think it takes a particular person to rock this style.... i like the hood. I don't know how it would be w/ the wind chill factor though. I guess you really wouldn't have to layer. I'm all for fur because in nyc, it's cooooooold during the winter!
  3. I know! And I know it's not a short fat person like me!! LOL!! Tall and skinny with tall boots! Yum! I just think it's TDF! Wish I were taller...
  4. ^^^^ you know i'm a shorty and it's hard for me to rock fur... because fur adds on weight. I like fabric w/ fur..... one brand that does it right is moncler.... not their usual ski coats though...they make other ones too.
  5. Beautiful stuff! But I feel like that pillsbury dough boy in jackets that are puffy. The material ones are veryyy nice. I don't even know why I am even looking at jackets since I'm in 100 degree weather right now LOL!
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