BEAUTIFUL INK CITY BIN $1195 or BO on ebay!

  1. Thank you for posting.

    Is this seller a PF'r?? I've noticed they have 3 offers, all three bidders who made bids have 0 feedback, and 2 of them are new Ebay members (less than 30 day mambers). What gives?? Has anyone ever dealt with this seller before???

  2. Didi---It's your dream bag!!
  3. I don't know who the seller is.
  4. hasn't this bag been relisted like two or three time before?
  5. i don't know. but something strikes me as very fishy. i was going to hit BIN, but decided against it yesterday.
  6. Gregsgirl.....

    I've been watching this bag as well, and this seller. She has listed it a couple times.....and like you something just keeps me from buying it. I just think that her price is pretty much retail, and if I'm going to spend that for a used bag, I just might as well call Bal NY and order it new and sure that it's authentic.......
  7. ^ ink city is sold out everywhere, and this one does have one the most beautiful leather I've seen for this color/season :love:
  8. Exactly. I see nothing fishy or too unreasonable here. :yes:
  9. I don't know the seller either but this is NOT unusual! The only time I sold an item (not a bag) and accepted offers, zero-feedback/new bidders came out of the woodwork. I was afraid people would think the same thing about me as you are thinking. I'm usually very skeptical on ebay, but this auction looks good to me!
  10. Hmmm . . maybe I should take another look. Ugh. I should balance my checkbook first.
  11. gregsgirl, I was in the same position as you...for whatever reason something I don't know what was holding me back from buying this bag and this was even before it was relisted time and time again. I even emailed the seller and something just didn't feel right. Call it woman's intuition.

    There's not denying it a lovely bag! Good luck and hope everything works out ;)
  12. How many times was it relisted? I'm curious what makes you guys feel uneasy. I didn't see it in her (his?) recently completed items so was it a while back?

    I'm not trying to urge anyone to bid, just curious! :shrugs:
  13. ^I think I've seen it like two times before in the past month. Let me check my email...
  14. hey everyone. i could use some of your help in deciding what to do about this bag. i have had an ink city on my wish list for some time. the buyer originally had this bag for sale at $1195 or best offer. I made an offer for $950 but never heard anything back. I decided $950 was a fair price since the bag had been carried and there is wear on the tassles. the buyer finally got back to me, took a few days, and lowered the price to $1050. I told her that was still more than what I wanted to pay, and thanked her for her reponse. That was it . . I was going to move on and keep hoping to find an ink city elsewhere. Then, I get a msg. from the seller telling me that she will sell the bag for $950 under a private transaction outside of ebay, or 1000 if I want to use Ebay. What does everyone think?? I don't know what to do. Adriana