Beautiful Hermes Scarf...

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  1. I just got an e-mail from with a link to this scarf:

    Isn't it gorgeous? :nuts: I love it in pink and orange :love: So pretty for spring!

    Just wanted to share! I love getting e-mails from - the other day I received one with a link to some gorgeous enamel bracelets. I want one so badly! :shame:
  2. Oh it is pretty! I like the black version of this too!
  3. Thanks for the link, Cristina. I love the orange one, too. Makes a nice Mother's Day gift, don't you think?? I think I will forward on to hubby! :smile:
  4. I agree...would make a beautiful gift!
  5. That's so pretty! I love it in the pink/black too. It would really make a simple outfit fantastic. :biggrin: I really need to get another job to support my habit! ;) :lol:
  6. Good idea! :biggrin: Hope he gets it for you :amuse:
  7. That's so pretty!
  8. it's beautiful. I love it. Are you gonna get it, Cristina?
  9. No :sad: Can't really spend the money on it right now. I really want that Chanel cuff and I'm hoping to find a balenciaga city in a color I want. I'd sell my apple classique for the city, but I'd probably have to pay a difference.

    It is gorgeous, though! I'm really digging the orange, so bright and festive :nuts:
  10. Cristina, that is such a beautiful scarf .... it would be lovely either tied to a H bag or tied in your hair:biggrin:
  11. Love it!
  12. Thanks for posting that, Cristina! I love the idea of pink and orange for spring.
  13. Where can I get those scarf clip to help secure the scarf?
  14. You can get those at any Hermes store, or online. They're called scarf rings. :smile:
  15. I just saw this! Thanks for the link - I love that we can buy a "few" Hermes items on-line!
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