Beautiful *H* Pix ~~~~

  1. Hello Ladies: Just want to share with you those beautiful pix from *H*, hope all of u will like them

    *sorry the pix quality are not good*:idea:

    IMG_3104.jpg IMG_3105.jpg IMG_3107.jpg IMG_3114.jpg IMG_3115.jpg
  2. Mmmmm that croc KP has my name written all over it!
  3. OMG - love everything! esp. the boots! thanks for sharing V!
  4. love those boots..yummy!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. this is very dangerous...
  6. Thanks Vermillion! May I know which magazine is this?
  7. more....

  8. more...


    IMG_3109.jpg IMG_3110.jpg IMG_3111.jpg IMG_3112.jpg
  9. :tup:, I love it as well:drool:
  10. 25 ANS Oct issue, I :heart: the magazine, they show amazing clothes and bags:drool:
  11. OH....... YES;), actually the kelly and plume with horse hair look so special:smile:
  12. Never thought I would like croc, but... :drool:
  13. Ohhhh! :drool: Cant type right now wiping drool of my key board
  14. Thanks Vermillion!

    I love reading Japanese magazines too, the presentation is stunning.
  15. Thanks for posting, Vermillion! Feels like I'm in croc heaven now.

    That Croc KP is TDF!!!