Beautiful Green Clyde!

  1. I LOVE that bag!!!:love:
  2. OMG have you see the pictures with the Eiffel Tower behind?
  3. That site can't be real!!! She has a fringe speedy listed for $1600.00!!!:amazed: Is somebody using her name?!:rant:
  4. I thought the same thing but I realised I was in the Lay away section of the website.
  5. The clyde is cheaper than the retail and the gracie too, I love the clyde and your fringe too irene!
  6. NEVER MIND!!!:shame:
  7. Thank you!!! BUT NOW I WANT THE CLYDE!!!:cry:
  8. The clyde was a runway bag right?
  9. OMG!!! HER AUCTIONS ARE KILLING ME!!! I WANT THE FRINGE SCARF NOW!!!:censor: :censor: :censor:
  10. I am not sure.
  11. Here it is

  12. ^^^Can't see.:sad:
  13. refresh your page I fixed it