BEAUTIFUL geranium L'impetueux on let-trade!


    I LOVE the color...and its only $1299! The clasp isn't totally shiny, and there's a dot of something on the bag (he has an arrow pointing to it on the pic) but its a BEAUTIFUL color for a BEAUTIFUL price...someone should get it!
  2. OMG gorgeous!
  3. Great price!
  4. hehe...I snagged it. I saw it when it first showed up on their site and I swear my heart skipped a beat :heart:. Can't wait til she arrives:yahoo:.
  5. oh CONGRATS!!!!! post pics when you get her!
  6. Oooh congrats! That bag is gorgeous.

    I love looking at let-trade and seeing all the discontinued and LE bags. And also all the ones I "accidentally" end up buying.
  7. Ooh congrats chicaboo :biggrin:

    that's why I can't find it in "avalaible" page anymore since last night.
  8. Aww you got that, Chicaboo? I almost cried when I found out it was sold. Cried! LOL. Congrats, very nice bag and great price. Can't wait to see pics.
  9. Yeah - I'm in the process of getting various red accessories as I await her arrival. I'm even thinking of finding some lipstick or gloss that would match the geranium color. I saw it in the store and it's gorgeous! Can't wait.
  10. congrats on your purchase. can't wait to see the pics.
  11. Congrats Chicaboo! Beautiful bag!