Beautiful flats

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  1. Let me start out by saying I am not a flat person, at 5'2" who is? Circumstances have me wearing flats for an extended period. It became clear to me last weekend I need a dressy pair for going out. By pure coincidence I saw the most beautiful pair in a store window and thought, those are the ones. They're by Jeffrey Cambell, new to me, butter soft black leather with two heavily rhinestones panther heads facing each other joined by a ring. Even I , not a flat fan was in love. My only question is that they are totally flater than flat and I was wondering if there was anything a good shoe repair could put on the bottom to give them just a little lift. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. You can get your cobbler to put a small/flat heel at the bottom. I've done this with several ballerinas that wore away too quickly at the back and I found them to be more comfortable with the heel. I generally also get my cobbler to put an additional very flat sole (i.e. vibram sole) at the front part to give the shoe more protection, since most flats come with a leather sole that wears away after a few walks.
  3. Now that you say that I can hardly imagine wearing them outside. I have a too nice pair of Burberry slippers, dark plaid leather toe, I'd like made into outside shoes alsop. Stuck in NYC upper east side, anybody know a good shoe repair? I'd hate to just take them anywhere. Thanks.
  4. ^^ it is not technically on the UES, but close: Angelo's Shoe Repair, which is in the 53rd St subway station (the E/M station). It's actually in the station, but if you go in the entrance on 53rd between 5th and 6th ave you'll see it. They do a great job on everything - they cut the heels down on my Louboutins, put numerous vibram soles on for me. Bring them there and they will do the best job and do it quickly.
  5. Thank you so much, I can't wait to wear them and will be in the city for awhile.
  6. !!!!! Pictures please!!!!! Style name would be nice - these sound wonderful!!!!
  7. I'll try, but in hospital with son for extended period, don't have my computer just itouch. I'll see if son can post for me. But they are beautiful and the name is Jaguar.
  8. Thanks! Been searching the internet, but not finding anything.....

    (Hope things are going well in the hospital.)
  9. I don't know if it helps but I got them at Olive & Bette's. We have a long haul ahead of us, hopefully my son will be getting a bone marrow transplant. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your concern.
  10. Does it make me crazy that I spent $170 on shoes(alot, but not crazy $), then spent another $60 to gain 3/4" in height? Sometimes I worry I waste money on things that only I would notice!