BEAUTIFUL Elisha's 1st day out!! :) she had a blast she was my school bag and was,,,,

  1. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She was perfectly able to hold my school stuff (soooo much more spacious then it seems)

    I figured out a way to tie the front that i thought looked really nice, i dont think its how it came but i love it :smile: and its easy to loosen for more room!

    Sooo i took pictures of her contents to show others who dont have her YET **because you all need to own this bag in some color hehe***
    How perfect it is! :smile:

    And i took some pics of me and her cause we just looked so darn cute today! hehe

    :heart: love ya kooba gals!

  2. OMG-I had no idea of what this gal could hold-she looks perfect for your needs & then some!
  3. I love that color!
  4. Suuuuper cute and I like the bow!
  5. Beautiful! I bet you were the most stylish girl at school today!
  6. Wow Bessie, that Bow looks beautiful. Did you achieve the Sailor's knot or is that a knot of your own device?
  7. You DO both look really cute! I love that bag and I love your Coach accessories!

    Nothing like a red bag to perk up the day, is there?:smile:
  8. I bet you feel like one hot mama toting that bag around school.

    And you ARE!
  9. Wow, I didn't realize you could actually fit school books in that bag and I have one!!

    Congrats! I love the color.
  10. Very cute :yes:
  11. thanks ladies!!!!!!!!! :smile: I was shocked at how much it could hold too

    and Yes hehe i must admit i felt aamzing carrying her around cause shes stunning and about 6 girls in each of my classes all have the same mono LV speedy and man Elisha blows them out of the water hehe :smile:

    And Lexie no i never sorted out the knot haha i kept trying but i kept failing so i just starting playing with it just trying to create a knot that was easy to loosen and looked better then just a normal old knot in the front and that what you see is just kinda what happened!!! :smile: and i like it!
  12. What a great idea! I wish I was that fashion savvy when I was in school. :smile:
  13. Beautiful!
  14. Really holds a lot, doesn't it Bessie?, glad you're enjoying it!:smile:
  15. :smile: it holds soo much more then i thought i never knew it would hold my notebook, packets, all my wristlets, and cell phone and sidekick and big wallet and planner and everything!!!!!!