Beautiful Dior Gaucho!

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  1. Wow, I was surfing the net and I found a pic of Jlo shopping, carrying the red Dior Gaucho, and let me tell you, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!:love: :love: I fell in love with it! Too bad, I don't have the money right now!

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  2. That is beautiful.:love:
  3. It is gorgeous! however I couldn't stop staring at her do-rag. *ick
  4. I like the Gauchos especially in red.
  5. I love the Gauch in red but I prefer the middle size. It's a great bag!!
  6. JLo Looks creepy in that pic, but the bag is nice. Im starting to like it now!
  7. The bag is so beautiful, but isn't there a waiting list for it?
  8. That was that same thing that went through my head, she looked weird.:wacko: But that bag beautiful:love: :love: :love: I fell in love. I used to hated it, now, wow!
  9. i just got mine ... exactly like JLo's .... but mine is better since you know I have the satisfaction of actually paying for mine ... :nuts:
  10. yeah, her doo-rag is extra tacky
  11. i think it is alright.
  12. What jacket is she wearing?
  13. I have the same problem, lack of funds. :sad2: Why can't money grow on trees?
  14. Love the bag! That do-rag kills me. Was she trying to go incongnito? If so, it only brings more attention. She is so beautiful though.
  15. That bag looks beautiful, love how weathered the leather looks!