Beautiful Day at The Getty Center (pics!)

  1. Just wanted to share some photos of the lovely gardens at the Getty Center. We spent most of yesterday there and it was a gorgeous day. Went to see Oudry's Painted Menagerie - which was brilliant! First, here is a picture of "Clara", a life-size painting of an Indian Rhino (120" x 178")
    If you have the chance, buy the book Oudry's Painted Menagerie (Getty) Its a beautiful book that features all the paintings in the exhibit as well as a whole chapter dedicated just to the restoration of the collection.:tup:
  2. 1watergarden.jpg



  3. 3 more paintings from the collection:

    Indian Blackbuck


  4. Thanks for the pics! I haven't been there is ages.
  5. I love the Getty Center, I got to visit when I went to Calie last Christmas.
  6. Is the Getty Center the J. Paul Getty Museum?

    If so then I've been there before. It's really beautiful! And the garden is gorgeous.
  7. Wow! awesome pics.
  8. there is the Getty Center Los Angeles and the Getty Villa Malibu. Both are free (except for parking) but you have to make parking reservations for the newly renovated Villa in advance. Last I checked they were booked solid for almost the rest of this year.:sad:
  9. ^^ If you check the website the day you want to go, sometimes you can get tickets of the people who canceled.

    I love your pictures, thank you for sharing!!!
  10. Sounds like a great day!
  11. thanks! I'll try that!
  12. I went to the Getty a few weeks ago with my boyfriend. It was our last date for a long time (we're long distance now :sad:). It was beautiful, though, and I loved that Oudry exhibit. I actually saw a few Oudry paintings in Paris as well, though not nearly as many. Thanks for posting pics, bagnshoo!
  13. Thanks for the pics and showing a bit of the museum. I have never been there, but perhaps one day...
  14. Hey Nerdie!
    Were the Oudry paintings in Paris part of this exhibit or were they the Princes hunting dogs? Or another subject entirely?
  15. Lovely pictures! I've never been there and I live in the suburbs of LA too :sweatdrop: This really makes me want to go!