Beautiful DAY $600 BIN

  1. :yes: Yep, veery pretty! I :heart: this color! Great price...
  2. Granny shorts is a PF member too!!
  3. Yep, that's me -- thanks! :biggrin:
  4. dang she doesn't ship to SG, otherwise i'd snap it up in a flash. :sad:
  5. Forgive me, but what does SG stand for?
  6. oh sorry,
    SG = Singapore
  7. soooo want this, but with all the talk about the pale pink fading and yellowing I'm a little hesitant....
  8. i want i want i want but i can't have. even tho i shouldn't cos i'm really after a blue bag. gaaah. decisions.
  9. I'm surprised no one has snapped this one up yet..!
  10. Down to 550!!!! CRAZY!!!!
  11. Yay! Could not resist at that price!
  12. Haha.. I saw it went down to 550 and was even more tempted... someone snapped it up when i went to check up on it again!
    Congrats to whoever got it!
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. Rondafaye, did you get that bag? :smile:

    It sure was pretty and tempting so I'm glad someone else did BIN or I may have slipped. Congrats to the lucky lady!! :flowers: