Beautiful color 3 zip Rocker for Spring/Summer

May 14, 2009
East Coast
Hi Minkettes: I just received this lovely 3 Zip Purple Tie-Dyed Rocker with tassels which is an exclusive from Luna Boston. Tie Dye, 60's inspired tunics, and multi color prints are some of the latest 2010 summer/spring trends right off the runway you will see in a lot clothing, swimwear, and accessories.

The tie dyed leather is so smooth and buttery soft with polished gunmetal zippers. The strap is detachable with dog leash clasps and what is really great about this Rocker is that it is so light weight. I have two other studded Rockers which I love but can get a bit heavy with all the stuff I carry in it.
For those of you who maybe tired of the birdie lining or stripped blue lining. I was pleasantly surprised that this Rocker's lining is royal blue with black polka dots. The tie dyed rocker can add a splash of color and edge to any outfit like a white t-shirt and jeans or a black dress.
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Sep 26, 2006
New York City
I really wonder what the tie-dye leather feels like...and I wonder if it's really tie-dyed leather!

That's such a gorgeous deep royal purple! Congrats!


Mar 18, 2010
hogwarts. :3
SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm so happy that someone finally got the tye dye. Ever since LB mentioned it was buttery, I was sooooooo tempted to buy one. Now I need to add this to my wishlist! It's SO yummy. I want it in a MAC.

Congrats!! Modeling pics please?