Beautiful Coach Belt

  1. (Shh! No one stop her!)

  2. :angel:
  3. :lol: Yes, someone must! :P

    Do the Coach outlets carry belts? I think I might check there first to see how the prices are before I shell out the money for this one. I'd really like a nice signature belt in brown.
  4. I don't think it would be at the outlet yet...but I'll try to stop you from buying it....Do you really want a belt that's called a dog leash?

    Sorry it was the best I could do. It's a cute belt if you do decide to get it.
  5. Yes Coach outlets do carry belts but they are the older style. I have seen monogram C belts at outlets in brown.

  6. the outlets carry belts but if you like this one order it now!
  7. Can't stop you, since i've got the black one in my cart! :lol:
  8. :lol: !!!! It's working... okay, not really :P

    I figured it wouldn't be at the outlet yet, since it's new. But they might have some styles there that I might like, if they normally carry belts. There are two Coach outlets around here, I might have to go this weekend or next week while I'm off.

    Edit - Thanks, pisda! I hope I can find one similar to this, but maybe a for a little less $$$. I just ordered a pair of Coach sandals (whoops :shame: ) yesterday, might as well complete the shopping spree! :P

    Kezza - Woohoo! The black is gorgeous :heart:
  9. Ooh, that is cute!! I was just at an outlet on Tuesday and I can't remember if they had belts. You could always call them and ask before you head over there.
  10. While we're on the subject, does anybody know if Coach's belt sizing is weird in any direction? They don't have a sizing chart, so I'm just going to have to assume I'm a medium, but I'm worried that i might be a large. Anyone know if they run small?
  11. Instead of paying so much for the belt, I decided to get one on eBay instead. I ended up winning this one -

    So cute! :heart: I really like the butterfly buckle, and it will still match my shoes. With the money I saved, I can also get the sandals I've been wanting! :graucho:

    Kezza - When in doubt, I would size up, since the belt is adjustable. I also go between a medium and a large in belts, but I tend to err on the side of caution and go with a large most of the time :smile:
  12. get it get it!!! its very classy I love it
  13. Cute belt!