Beautiful Bordeaux twiggy just listed on ebay

  1. There is a beautiful Bordeaux twiggy just listed on ebay :love:
  2. what is the auction number?
  3. auction number: 6878588074
  4. what did you search to find it??
    just curious because when I search Balenciaga and refine to the Handbags, it doesn't come up....but using the auction # it does.
    Makes me wonder what other bags I'm not finding ;)
  5. if you search with the words "balenciaga twiggy" without refining the search at all, you'll actually find 2 bordeaux twiggys!! :nuts:
  6. I just refined the search to handbags and then hit the "newly listed"
    bar at the right top corner. Jennifer has a good idea too! Just enter
    "Balenciaga twiggy" sure is pretty!
  7. Thanks for the heads up its beautiful!
  8. eBay is weird like that.
    I did the same refining and couldn't find it.
    I've noticed discrepancies like this a lot on eBay, with my own :rolleyes: items.