beautiful black work starting at $950!

  1. I just bought one on ebay last week- I didn't get it yet but I hope mine looks as good as this one!!!
  2. It's beautiful! :love: :love:
    Ooohhh...I'm so tempted!! Thanks for posting, jennifer!
  3. Ohh that one looks nice. I would really like a black weekender, but a black work would be nice too.
  4. Wow that one really is tempting.
  5. that one is really nice. too bad about the knots in the tassles, but i suppose you can change the tassles if anything.
  6. if i were looking for a work, i'd totally jump on this. the seller is offering free shipping & insurance, and this is great leather too.
    i don't care too much about tassels so the knotting doesn't bother me.
    i wish this was a box!!