Beautiful Black Gucci Bag

  1. Hi Ladies:

    Have become chummy with the wonderful SA (Emilene) from Neiman Marcus Last Call Miami. She helped me grab two great deals on a Chloe Edith Red and a black Chloe Bowling. She thought I might be interested in this Gucci bag, but my credit card is having chronic pain as I scored 2 bags in 1 week.

    I thought I would pass the love around on the Gucci forum. Take a look. If interested you can reach her at 305*591*1101. This bag goes for 990.00. Apparently a nice sale price for the bag. Good luck ladies.
  2. It's a cute Capri! But I'm on a purse ban..
  3. I have one more day til purse ban is over....but I've gotta loooooong list!!!
  4. Yeah Thats the Capri Bowler and it went for less at the Gucci boutique sale in the fall
  5. thx for posting! that's a really cute bag. if i wasn't on this self imposed ban...;)

  6. Exactly what I was thinking, $990 is not that great. But its def cute, and we surely appreciate the heads up. :tup: You dont see Gucci make it to the Last Call stores that often.
  7. What a pretty bag! Thanks for letting us know :smile:
    Still saving my hopes (and pennies) for the biba hobo.
  8. Very nice but I was thinking the same.

    Thanks for posting!!!
  9. Ooooo but it's so pretty...
  10. that was nice of you to let us know. i hope someone here gets it! i'm saving for the :heart: pelham :heart:... :supacool:
  11. nice bag! I've been wanting it but I cant locate 1 here in Canada. I want it but I gotta spend my credit note from Gucci =( I wish it sold by the Gucci boutique here.
  12. cool
  13. I saw it in person...NM last call in Miami is my store! I love to shop there!...there was a time where they used to get tons of Chanels, Gucci's and Pradas...I guess not anymore...I remember I got my first Gucci Blondie (small purple hobo) at NM last call.

    The price on that Gucci is not that great though...
  14. I tried this bag on IRL and absolutely loved it. I wish I could splurge but have other things in the works right now.

    Great bag!