Beautiful Black 06 City from across the pond!

  1. That leather is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. WOW .... what a GORGEOUS black city :nuts: :yahoo: !! Fantastic and perfect condition - - - good luck with your sale fromparis 'P' :flowers: :love:

    Thanks for posting Roo :flowers:
  3. Thanks for posting Roo :flowers: !!
    And thanks for your nice compliments Zac and First "I" :love: !!!
  4. ooooh i'm tempted :graucho:
  5. WOW . . . already sold :nuts: !!! CONGRATS fromparis 'P' - this was really fast :yahoo: !
    And congrats also to the happy new 'mommy' . . . is it you annanas :flowers: ;) ??
  6. Thanks First "I" !!!!!!!!
    As you said it was really really fast !!!
    My black baby is going tomorrow to Italy ...
    I'm a little bit :crybaby: , but also a lot:yahoo: !!!

  7. And now 'free way' for the blue india day :yahoo: ;) - good luck to get it soon sweetie :love:
  8. You're so right First :graucho: :supacool: !!!!!!!!!!
  9. wow :wtf: noooo it's not me :sad: oh well, maybe it wasn't meant to be..
  10. Ohhh - I'm sorry annanas :crybaby: - but I'm sure there will be another one meant to be yours :yes: - good luck :flowers:
  11. sorry annanas:sad:...
    but I'm sure :yes:we'll find another black city in achtung just for you :wlae:!!!
  12. i think i just want so many colours that i can't pick one before it goes :roflmfao:
  13. Annanas, we'll go B-Bag shopping when you're back over here :graucho:
  14. Congrats justparis! That was sold in record time!!! :yahoo: