Beautiful bags inside and out...

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  1. Hi All!

    I was posting some pics on my bag collection thread, when I came across the idea to post pictures of the interior for the bags I love!

    But that got me thinking about how we see a lot of exterior pictures here, and I was thinking it might be cute to start a thread on our favorite interiors! Some of the LV bag interiors are pretty plain an simple. But others (I think) are quite clever!!!

    Currently, there are 3 items by LV that I own and LOVE the way they look on the outside and on the inside too.

    I've attached them below.

    From left to right:

    My very first LV a Mono envelope clutch - so practical and love the zippered pouch!

    My Damier Marais - simple design, beautiful soft interior and LOVE the deep side zippers and D ring!

    My Mono Zippy Coin pouch - just blew me away! Such a practical and compact beauty!!

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  2. What a cute idea!
  3. I love the red suede lining of my mono recital and the raspberry suede lining of my white MC pochette. My favorite lining of my accessories is the cassis zippy coin purse with grenade lining.
  4. ^^ Sounds amazing!! When you have time please post pics and share!!!
  5. I saw the inside lining of the suhali lockit yesterday... that was :drool:
  6. I'd a big big fan of the Mono Zippy Coin pouch too, I use it as my main wallet now and it's the easiest thing to use~ I love that it can fit into any bag easily, and the interior is cute!
  7. cute idea. here are some interiors.

    The Soana Sacoche MM in Marron Force.
    The Tobago Carryall in Black.

    those are my only LE's.
    everything else's interior is rather classic and common and well known.