Beautiful anthracite Bolide 1923 spotted

  1. At a consignment store near home. Except it's the travel size... Should I get it, although I can't really see it as a daily bag. The advantage is that it's cheaper than retail.
  2. Do you love it???? Love it??? No deal is a good deal unless you love it and can use it!
  3. I was wondering if I could use it as a laptop case. I love the look of the bolide/1923 but this particular one, I could grow to love it.
  4. I'm drooling just thinking about an anthracite Bolide... Is it a good price? :graucho:
  5. Unlike the regular Bolide, I thought the Boilide 1923 just came in one size (30 cm). What's the "travel size?"
  6. I don't know but it's bloody huge! At least 40-50cm high.
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