Beautiful Anis Purse!!!

  1. hehe we posted both threads at the same time :smile:
  2. Hee. Great minds think alike! Gosh this purse is BEAUTIFUL!!! Somebody PM Mocean!!! :yahoo:
  3. Woah, gorgeous!
  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! :drool:
  5. it is beautiful! i PM'd mocean-i hope she sees it in time;)
  6. already sold :nuts: !! Who is the lucky winner :confused1: ??
  7. I am the lucky buyer of both anis bags! I love this color. It is a really great neutral but it also has a little edge to it. Also, the '04 leather is really incredible. I am very excited.
  8. Congrats chigirl! I finally saw this color in real life, and it was so, so pretty. You are a lucky girl!
  9. Aww... congratulations chigirl! Mocean's going to be so envious! LOL.
  10. congrats chi! beautiful color! I've never seen anis in a purse before! :love:

    enjoy it!
  11. yea congrats!! I stared at it for a good 10mins before posting a thread at the same time dancing_queen did thinking about buying it, but then I thought " I would NEVER appreciate it as much as a real b-bag gurl" I love chanel to much haha! :heart:
  12. WOW ..... CONGRATS chigirl :yahoo: :flowers: ... or 'Anis'-girl :nuts: ;) !! You lucky girl - the anis is really GORGEOUS and the purse-style so rare, enjoy it :love:
  13. Whoo hoo! Congratulations, very cool!
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