Beautiful 2004 Lilac First from PFer

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  1. Beautiful bag!!! Love the color!!
  2. oh it's just beautiful, LOVE the 04 lilacs! good luck meemie!
  3. I want this SOOOO bad!!!!
  4. Amazing color!!:nuts:
  5. I love mauve... if only it was a city!!! :smile: Good luck!
  6. I wish it was a city too. LOL Thanks girls!!
  7. Oh my goodness Meemie! How can you be selling those bags? You're letting go of them so soon!
  8. Beautiful and my favorite Bbag color! Wish I wasn't on purse ban!! Good luck though on the sale! :flowers:
  9. Pewter, I swear it is because I have brain damage!:nuts:
  10. Oh my goodness Meemie! You are brave! I have such a hard time letting them go! Good luck with your sales!
  11. OMG!

    I can't believe you're selling this. ALREADY!?
  12. I know girls, I am nuts but if I keep this two things will happen. I will not be able to part with it because I will get to attached and then an 04 Lilac city, bubblegum city or magenta city will come on ebay and I will be out of luck. I know I love the color and the leather but I have to let it go.
  13. Makes sense.
    She's a beauty.
    l_b is looking for this bag (it's in her sig :smile: )
  14. Oh meemie! I hit the BIN and ebay took me to paypal. I inserted my payment info and confirmed. Then the horrible message came up. It said "The ebay item associated with this transaction is no longer available." :sad: :crybaby: It was just a matter of seconds! Oh, well. It looks like I am on a new hunt! Congrats on your sale and if the winner is a pfer congrats to her too! :nuts: The bag just looks so beautiful in your pictures.