Beautiful '06 Pale Rose Pink City!

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  1. Congrats Dancing Queen & to the lovely new owner!
  2. this is the same seller who sold me the ultra smooshy Ink City that I got and posted about yesterday. I'm 100% happy with my smoothy Ink City and would buy it again for the same price if I had the chance. But I want to disclose to you all that it was NOT new as claimed in the listing.
  3. This bag is gorgeous!
  4. Please don't tempt me on that bag. I wanted one of that bag so much. It sold out relatively fast but I'm afraid of the yellowing. Balenciaga in NY still has them but the SA's are emphatically stating steer clear of these. So I guess I will hold out for a rose and pay top dollar. But I really like the pale pink. It's sort of like a darker Calcaire.
  5. ooooh, good to know. so they yellow? SAs steering your clear? very valuable intelligence!
  6. WOW! I'm not big on pastels usually, but that is so pretty!!!
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