Beautiful 06 Lilac Twiggy for under retail

  1. If you are really interested in this, I would email the seller about shipping to you...I often do this when a seller only ships to the US, and they almost always say yes when they see that I have good feedback, etc. It is always worth a try!
  2. Jzlyn, There is a Lilac Box in SG, handles similar condition to the one you posted. It's @ Madam Milan if you want your sister to check it out for you. IIRC S$1299.
  3. Sorry if this is a little OT, but pink, where is Madam Milan??
  4. It is @ Raffles City MRT & there is a second shop in Tanjong Pagar(it could be still under renovations?). The owner is a 38 yo lady. Recently they have been given lots of airwave in our local papers & media.
  5. :crybaby: Oh, I wish there is a lilac day!!!!
  6. thanks pink!! if only i were home now. that seems like a really good deal for a lilac box!!
    ohoh i think i know where it is. is it near a TCC (jolly bean too?)?

    i'm a terrible singaporean; i saw the singapore idols at a concert and had to ask the lady next to me who they were! :/ my only redemption is that i still know good eating places. :smile:
  7. i think there is a TCC near it, also soup spoon.

    the lilac box it has been there for a while, since a month plus back. next time you come back, you can pop by! BTW they had a magenta 05 day which was gone in a few days.