Beautiful 06 Black City from a beautiful gal!!!!

  1. :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    bella and her money will soon be parted...this is just gorgeous.

    so many gorgeous bags have been posted today!
  2. ^^ awe, thanks Boo & bella <<<hugs>>> :tender:

    p.s. and a very special thanks to erica too :love:
  3. This is a real beauty at a phenomenal price. Good luck bama girl and thanks to Erica for being such a sweetheart.[​IMG]
  4. ^^ yeppers, erica's my b-bag angel for sure :angel:
  5. good luck AAA... u know i would hit the bin as well if i didn't already own a black city..

    this black city seriously looks SOOO smooshy ^_^

    good luck!!
  6. awe, thanks eping, it's truly "the perfect black city"'s just that i've got 2 of them now & i can't afford to keep both...when i bought it i thought i'd tuck it away for my daughter one day (if i'm ever lucky enough to have a daughter :angel:)...but DH & i agreed that i need to sell the bags i'm not using :girlsigh:
  7. Awe! Fendi and AAA you girls are so sweet!! I hope this one sells quick for you AAA!!!:yes:
  8. I am confused who's hgbags bama? Or did you buy the bag?
  9. lol I just saw the post!!
  10. Bama you bought the bag?
  11. It was ME! It was sooooooo beautiful! I fell in love:love: - have been thinking about a black city for months! Now I will have to sell off one of mine! Can't wait to hold it!! Thanks bama!!!!
  12. yippy, i'm sooooooooooooooo happy it's a PFer who's getting this beauty're not going to believe how gorgeous she is ally!!!'s the quintessential "perfect black city" :love:...congrats sweetie, she'll be on her way to you tonight!!! :wlae:
  13. Oh yippee!:yahoo: So great to deal with someone like you bama! You're so sweet!!!!
  14. that was fast!! congrats to ALLYBOOBOP & aaa