Beautiful 05 Caramel City from a sweet PFer

  1. oh noooooooooooooo, not miss caramel, i thought this was your dream bag scout's a beauty though & i'm sure someone will snap her up in no time!!! :tender:
  2. WOW, that is a beauty, I wish I could bid,

    Good luck ladies
  3. I'm Soooooooo tempted!!! This color is.......WOW! It is awesome!!

    Should I?? Shouldn't I??

  4. ^^ you should, you should!!!
  5. Go for it emanu1016. This is one of my dream bags. To see it in this kind of condition is an added bonus. If I weren't saving up for another bag, I would have been all over this one. I'm still hankering for an 05 Caramel City.:crybaby:

    This is one of the essential bags IMO for any bbag collector.
  6. I'm going to give this SERIOUS SERIOUS thought......since I just bought the Toffee/Camel Shrug. But MAN this is STUNNING.
  7. Very pretty! I think it's rare to see on of these in such amazing condition.
  8. This color is absolutely amazing. So rich and versatile. LOVE it!
  9. Wow this bag it TDF!!! What happened Scountfinch?