Beautiful '03 Lilac clutch on Ebay!!

  1. It looks just gorgeous!:yes: :P
  2. Yes, this is fashion junkys! Girl why are you selling it?!!! It's beautiful :smile:
  3. Yeah, I do love it, but I have overspent lately so this one must go :cry:. I have my eye on something else :graucho:
  4. I knew that family b-bag picture looked famaliar!
  5. hehe fashion, goodluck - im sure youll have no problem! it's beautiful :smile:
  6. Ohhh "L" ..... good luck for your sale :yes:! It's a most beautiful piece . . . just TDF !!!! If I had the $$$$ .... :cry: !
  7. Thanks Mimi and "I"! :flowers:
  8. oooohhh.. pretttyyyy.. and tempttinnggg
  9. ooohhh i love it......i wish it was a classique bag....:love: goodluck honey!!!!
  10. Me, too! I would love it in a Classique! The color is fabulous and the clutch would make a nice evening bag, though. :smile: Good luck, fashion_junky! :smile:
  11. Thanks everyone! I have lots of watchers but so far no offers..
  12. They'll probably all start bidding at the *very* last minute(that's what I usually do. lol)
  13. Beauuutiful clutch!!! I know it will go to a happy home...I wish it was me!! :sad:
  14. fashion junky, good luck on your sale! it's a beautiful clutch!
  15. hmmmmmmmm, it's been taken off e-bay, so i think it sold :yes:
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