Beautician / Therapist !!!

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  1. Do you share your Secrets, Life, Problems, with your Manicurist or hairstylist.?

    Ive had the same hairstylist for 10 years and I know have shared a lot with him and vice versa.

    How about you ?
  2. Sometimes I think I share way too much with everyone!
  3. My manicurist is wonderful, we vent to each other :lol: I see her every two weeks for either a manicure or pedicure. She's getting married in October, so lately it's more her venting to me :lol:
  4. Well, I use to be a hairstylist/makeup artist and let me tell you girlll!...we definitely are turned into therapist sometimes....soo much drama I could tell you...but I won't. Personally, I just do small talk (fashion trends, celebrities, local news, etc.) with my hairstylist/manicurist, nothing really personal.
  5. I do! :biggrin: I love my stylist, I also share my life with my SAs lol.
  6. I've had the same stylist for 14 years and I love him! We crack each other up the whole time we're together. He even moved to Florida several years ago but still flys in every 5 weeks to cut his favorite clients hair. Thank God b/c he is the only one I trust w/ it.