Beaubourg MM Does anyone own this bag?

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  1. I really like the shape and style of the Beaubourg MM. Does anyone own this bag?
    I found a few videos on you tube but nothing in the clubhouse.
    Any pictures would be appreciated.
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  2. I looked at it yesterday. I would have purchased but that big LV On the front of the bag is what stopped me. I took a picture of the bag.

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  3. Are you talking about the mono or DE version? I have the mono with the braided handle..
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  4. The Mono version with the braided handle. Can I see a photo of it?
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    I have one, too. It's a gorgeous bag. I would definitely recommend it.

    I ordered the new version that is in the picture above with the LV on the side. It is significantly smaller than the version with the braided handle, just FYI. I returned it because it was too small.
  6. I have been thinking about this bag I like it I was wondering about the size being to big ! I like the LV on the front I think it makes it youthful and fun .. I haven’t been able to find much info or reviews either ..
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  7. Suuuuuuper bag! Really easy to use every day and evening. Great to mix and match with other straps and bag charms. Not too big and not too small. I have the red one and am very pleased.:smile:
  8. Agreed. The whole point of DE is the subtly of the print compared to monogram. Not a big fan of the LV print on the front. I love the DE print as is!
    However, if someone owns this bag and loves it then that's ok too. I hope they make more styles for DE. It's my favorite print and I'm kind of disappointed at the lack of variety over the last couple of years.
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  9. What about the beaubourg hobo mini? Anyone seen this bag yet? possibly snapped a photo?
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  10. I have the beaubourg mini and love it...the braided handle is removable and love the zipper pulls. It can fit quite a bit...
  11. I love the mini! It holds so much. Plus all those splashes of color make it so unique.
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  12. I also have the hobo mini. Love this bag!!! ♥️
  13. Considered this bag yesterday but I remembered someone mentioned avoiding folded canvases. Will the corners be a problem?
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  14. How does it sit on you? Is it a nice crossbody? I think it's such a cute looking bag but live no where near a boutique.
  15. so cute! How does it sit on you? I love how the braided handle looks.
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