Beats Dr Dre Monster Headphone

  1. Hi, dear tpfers, does anyone know where can I buy authentic beats by dr dre studio headphone and have it ship to Singapore? because my local store sell at a much higher price. I really need to know as I'm buying a surprise gift for my sister. Btw is this authentic . May I know how much does authentic studio beats headphone cost in the U.S or other prices? so that I can roughtly know thw range and wont fall in the trap of cheaper fake product. Thank you so much, hope you guys can let me know. Thanks:biggrin:
  2. I dont know if best buy ships overseas but it definitely available there

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  3. What a nice gift! I am thinking about getting these for my husband for Father's Day. The headphones in the Amazon link are definitely authentic. To be 100% sure they are authentic make sure the Amazon listing says "ships from and sold by Amazon. Average price $300-$400 depending on the style. I just checked and they do ship to Singapore. Just check the shipping times so you know if you need faster shipping to get it in time for your sister's birthday.
  4. My brother just got these in white, they are so worth the money!!!
  5. You can try calling best buy or buy them on the site.