Beating the January blues: A small reveal!


Feb 24, 2010
boyoverboard said:
Only sad thing about this new addition is I now have no idea what to do with my PM agenda! Selling is not an option because I've had it hot stamped, and I know it wouldn't fetch much at all for that reason, despite being in great condition.

I was thinking either I'll use it as a small notebook, or maybe even a photo album if I can find some suitable inserts... if anyone has any other ideas I'd love to hear them!
That's a great idea!! Turning it into a photo album!!


Aug 20, 2009
Congrats! Beautiful pictures! Are the plastic card holder pages available for the PM agenda?
Apr 14, 2012
New York City
I actually had a tough time deciding between the pm and mm when I was on the look for an agenda (actively thought about it and ummd and ahhhd for half a year). My partner surprised me with a kusama agenda so I guess he made up my mind for me haha. I can see that the mm is a more convenient and comfortable size but I think the sacrifice is worth it for kusama :smile:

Enjoy your new agenda! The refills are really cool! You could turn your pm into a notebook with Filofax lined page refills!

What are all the extras you have in your pm agenda in terms of inserts? Mine only has the lv inserts and it feels a little empty. Do you find it hard to flip between pages with it so stuffed?
Sep 8, 2012
I've been wanting a medium agenda too.. I just wish they had more styles available! What was the bookmark from the first pic? It's cute!


Obsessed and in LoVe
Feb 9, 2010
United Kingdom
Thanks everyone!

Congrats! Beautiful pictures! Are the plastic card holder pages available for the PM agenda?
Thanks! I have no idea. I wasn't expecting them, since none of the refills I've had for my PM agenda came with them. I have FiloFax plastic card holder inserts for my PM but it's nice to get LV ones included!