beaten up vs pristine b-bags


pristine or beaten up b-bags?

  1. new pristine condition

  2. beaten up

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. for b-bags, i personally go for the beaten up choice. i love the wear the b-bags shows after years of using.
    somehow i found the older it get, the more gorgeous it becomes.
    which one do u choose?
  2. seahorse, I'm voting for brand-new! The smell of the leather when its new is just divine :heart:
  3. oh yes, i love the smell too....
  4. I love my bags to show my wear and tear.:smile:
  5. I vote for beaten up... They remind me of a favorite pair of jeans.
  6. I don't like any of my clothing or accessories to look beaten up. To me, it makes me feel that the item looks like it wasn't taken care of.
  7. I don't like the choice of words, "beaten up" lol - who in their right mind would beat up a bbag?!?!:lol:

    But I chose "beaten up" because my bag is a year old, and has been through alot - it's so smushy smooth now and mushy - I love that look. :love:
  8. i'd go with brand new bags~~hehe
  9. I like "beaten up" because they are more broken in and they are even more smooshy soft!!!
  10. Brand new, because then they still have that gorgeous, even sheen.
  11. hmmm i guess i would have to say 'worn-in' because it means it has been used and loved:love:
  12. ooh... it's almost a tie...
    sorry if the beaten up word scary u livinluxuriously :P LOL
  13. I vote for worn-in (not exactly beaten up, but definitely not brand-spankin'-new either) ;)
  14. hmm, i like my bags pristine or just a little worn in so that i can wear them in myself.

    i just don't like buying bags that have been obviously used and totally beaten up (with super darkened handles, really rubbed down and worn corners).
  15. i voted for pristine because i prefer my bags beaten up only by me.:blush: ugh... i really can't stand someone else's dark handles.
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