Beata patent tote in taupe from NAP

  1. Here she is - the Beata patent tote in taupe. I think she's great! :nuts: Any and all opinions are welcome, though!
  2. She is beautiful and the colour with the patent looks so rich! Can you show us a modelling picture?
  3. Congrats. Agree with mona, beautiful, rich color!
  4. I'm too shy :shame: for a modeling picture, but oatmeal_raisin has some modeling pictures in her thread called Beata Patent Tote in Black.

    Thanks, everyone for the "congrats" on the bag!
  5. no problem...I'm sure it looks stunning on you!
  6. Beautiful, love the color and style.
  7. Congratulations! Looks great :heart:
  8. I think it looks fanastically stylish - especially in that colorway!
  9. I love it! Excellent taste! I have had my eye on that one... I am searching for the perfect first Chloe (on sale of course)! Congrats!
  10. Thanks, everyone for the kind words! :flowers:
  11. Wow, that bag is stunning! I really love the color.

    Congrats and wear it in good health!:heart:
  12. Yes wear it in good health. I'm amazed when we went to NM yesterday how many purse vendors have patent now. Chloe's patent is the best! Enjoy your conquest!!
  13. Congrats! She is a beauty! :tup:

    Does she fit over the shoulder comfortably or or she more a hand held bag?
  14. I have large arms, so the beata is a hand held bag for me. I think that if you have smaller arms, it could be a shoulder bag.
  15. I decided to get over my shyness. Here's a modeling picture of the Beata. I'm about 5'5 in height. Hope this helps in decision making.