Beata Patent Tote in black

  1. My new Chloe!!!! :yahoo:
    I'm starting a new job and needed an awesome new bag to carry my belongings!!!
  2. Okay a new Chloe Design from PM and I'll go on the record saying I really like it. Wear it with pride, she's beautiful!

    BTW can you show us pictures modeling this gorgeous bag?
  3. Oh wow, very the patent! You will be going to work instyle for sure. Modelling pictures please!!!
  4. It IS awesome. I love it and want to see how it looks on. Congrats!
  5. Great bag, love it!!
  6. Here you go!!!! Per your request: Some pics of me w/bag!!!
    chloe2.JPG chloe3.JPG chloe4.JPG PA290013.JPG

  7. Here are some more pics of the bag
    PA290002.JPG PA290005.JPG PA290006.JPG PA290007.JPG PA290008.JPG
  8. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing :yes:. I love to see action photos. I love this one on you, and I love the shoes!

  9. Thanks...the shoes are Chloe's too!!!!
  10. Absolutely love the bag! Just wrote a post about the Beata shoulder bag. Seeing the tote in the pictures and on you, is helping me to make up my mind in a good way....

  11. LOVE IT....Very Very nice... can't wait to get my patent paddy to share too......
  12. I have to ask, where did you find this beauty? I don't think I've seen it before, of course, I've purposely stayed away from the Chloe section in the stores lately.;)
  13. Ilson,
    I bought this bag in a store called Breuninger in Stuttgart, Germany. This store has an amazing selection of designer handbags.

    You can also go on Net-a-porter:; they sell this bag, as well, in black and in taupe.
  14. Thanks, your pics are great, the web site doesn't show the bag's beauty as does your pics. It looks more structured on the web site, I love the way your pics show the flexibillity of the bag. Beautiful bag, enjoy!!
  15. I finally used my bag yesterday. Went on a mini business trip. holds lots of stuff...and of course, it looks good on!!!

    The only thing I don't like is the short straps. I know it is a tote, but I like to be able to put it on my shoulder as well.

    I did wear it on my shoulder most of the time though...but it can become a balancing act...sometimes!!!

    But all in all...I :heart: my new work bag!! YIPPEEEE for the Beata Tote!!!:cutesy: