Beat yourself up for not buying it???

  1. It's happening to me right now.
    This 2 months, I got myself like 5 expensive(for me) handbags. :nuts:

    Yesterday, I saw a bag and decided I'm not getting it, enough for now!!! (given having one bid waiting to end.:shame: )

    Then, today it's gone, and it suddenly occurs to me why didn't I take it? It's really cute, and good deal, and, and, and, and ... :noggin:

    Beating myself up real bad. :crybaby:
  2. Yes, I´m always beating myself up about not buying something!
  3. I most often beat myself up about buying something too SOON. I buy something when I first discover it, then two weeks later it goes on sale.
  4. I know what you mean..
    Now I always wait until the bag is on sale when I see the bag I like .I feel rip off buying other brands in full price now. That's why I love LV, I know it will not go on sale after I buy it. Big chance the price will only get higher due to price hike..
  5. these 5 weeks i purchased 1 lv wallet & 4 designer bags.
    i'm broke! so yesterday i also passed an oppourtunity to get a bag, and 2 days later when i decided to get it, IT"S GONE too...

    but i think of it as a sign that i shouldn't buy that bag in the 1st place.
  6. I so know that feeling. In the summer sales I passed on an Anya Hindmarch Neeson and it was gone the next day:crybaby: Who cares that I was broke!! I should have bought it!
  7. bagsnbags ! ur stevie wonder cat is HILARIOUS!!!
  8. there are so many bags just now that I would really like to buy. a chloe paddington, fendi spy, prada tote, ysl muse, gucci 85th anniversary hobo, i just can decided. Eventually when I decided which one i like better and will use, i start talking myself out of it! its really weird!
  9. Lanbanan , i think you're sub-consciously prevent yourself from buying more bags :P WHICH IS GOOD :smile:
    i wich my sub-conscious would do that for me :P
  10. ALWAYS! grr if i even just talk about these last two months about all my should have gotten but didnt moments.. get so mad again lol.
  11. I get pissed at myself when I buy a lot at once. Like one day I came home with three new bags and i'm going what the hell were you thinking? to myself. Now two of the bags had been done on prebuy at bloomies but I had to hide three bags fromy my husband. That was a challenge in itself.
  12. i always get that. some time ago i saw an Epi Lilac Jasmin on eBay, and i took so long to decide that i wanted it that someone else hit the $600-something BIN first :cry:. and just a week or so ago i lost a Mini Monogram Josephine PM Navy TST because i couldn't decide if i really wanted it, and by the time i did someone else had already hit the $399 BIN :mad:. so now i have to watch eBay like a hawk to see if those two will ever pop up again :rant:. and yes, i beat myself up a good deal for that.
  13. I am kicking myself for not buying this HOT ass DKNY purse. I've been looking for it ever since...but no luck :sad:
  14. That happens to me all the time. :sad:
  15. Me too! Happened twice this weekend. :shrugs: