Beat my story of the vilest sales tactics ever!

  1. I’m going to post this here in the General Discussion forum because I want everyone (not only Hermès ladies) to hear this and I want to see if anyone can beat my story with other shops though I think it’s going to be pretty difficult :lol: cos this one is as crass as you can get! Last week I went to Hermès in Bangkok. My friend and I decided to get a Kelly Dépêche briefcase each because we only have the Sac à Dépêche version. All good until our cards were taken away for payment. So while we were waiting my friend asked: do you have a Birkin around by chance. The answer is no. OK nothing out-of-ordinary but the gentleman added that in Thailand you need to spend 500,000 baht (~$12,500 equivalent) with them first to get your name onto the list.

    I have had enough and that’s the final straw. I just snapped and it made me realise how sad/lame (and a hypocrite for that matter) I have been all along buying things from a shop that I have to beg to buy!

    Isn’t it funny that one can buy a €67,000 Chanel Haute Couture dress without having to kiss anyone’s foot but with this bag shop, I have to suck up to them first to earn the privilege to get on the list for a bag less a tenth of the price. If it was allowed, I want to use swear words about who do they think they are, Supreme Court judges/Law Lords? Let’s talk in the US/European context, obviously no assistant will say what I’ve been told in Bangkok and it is not this clear-cut. And again you can walk straight in to get a Birkin because I’ve done it but I hope no one is going to argue that there is no ‘building relationship’ stuff going on (a nicer and shorter way to put it is sucking up).

    Some are going to tell me if you can’t take it then don’t buy it which is what I’m going to do. I already have a love-hate relationship with this brand with me giving away the Birkin to my mum but with this new clear cut evidence of arrogant attitude towards customer, I swear to God and everyone here can be my witness once I get back to Europe I’m taking it back and clearing out all my Hermès trash so no one in my family will touch their stuff again!
  2. wow that's pretty drastic.
  3. It's pretty tough love, and I agree on your love hate relationship turning even more sour because of this !
  4. Gosh I don't think it's a nice way to do, I'm sure you could spend your money in a better way! :yes:
  5. Oh wow ... that SA is pretty ... uhm ... straight forward there. I have a similar story to tell, but nothing as extreme. A year ago, my then SA (now EX-SA) called me up and told me that he had a particular bag in the store that I might be interested. I walked in and checked out the bag. It was my color, but not my leather and size. Therefore, I had to decline. When I told him I may have to pass on it, he said something along the line of, "Well you know if you want to get a Birkin, any major purchases would help. You already have a Bolide, so if you buy this bag, it can definitely count toward getting yourself the Birkin."

    At the end, I STILL declined that bag. I don't have unlimited funds and although I have been known to make lots of unnecessary purchases in the past (part of that building up relationship thing), I draw my line when I have to spend over $6000 for something I don't want. Actually, 6 months after that incident, I saw a gorgeous exotic HAC 28cm on the shelf, which meant it was up for grabs to whoever that whips out the credit card (or cash) first.

    I would've bought it (it was my size, and a gorgeous color even though it's not my trademark pink) except my Ex-SA said if I buy that bag, then I am not allowed to get any other Birkins that may come in this year. So needless to say, I passed up on a bag that I am still kicking myself for to this day. Right now, I still don't have a Birkin, and still not on the list. The SA who helped me back then is now an ex-SA.

    Granted, I've met a lot of nice SAs at Hermes as well. I've also met a lot of rude SAs too. It's really a matter of luck. Thank goodness nobody has told me I have to spent 12.5K to get on the list because THAT would've stopped me from buying at that store. I'm sorry you had to deal with this at the boutique. It's definitely your decision if you decide to steer away from Hermes from now on.

    p.s. I'm sure many ladies (myself included) would love to adopt your H-bags too :nuts:
  6. These Hermes stories are rather odd to me - more along the lines of used car sales stories. Then again, I've also heard of ladies walking in and having no problem finding a SA to sell them a birkin or whatever else. Perhaps it depends on the SA?
  7. :sad: I've also hard many stories similiar to yours Bee. I haven't gotten into buying Hermes bags yet, but I would be so upset if I was told that too :sad:
  8. I don't think I'll ever shop there.

    These retailers have to earn MY MONEY, I shouldn't have to spend thousands of dollars to earn the right to buy the bags THEY allow ME to buy! LMAO!

    It's SO bass ackwards to me!
  9. I think I am confused. You are going to take away a hermes bag that you gave to your mom? Who is going to be hurt by doing so? Just dont buy anymore from Hermes if you feel this way. Dont take it away from your mom! :smile:
  10. stuff like this really makes me not want to buy hermes, no matter how beautiful the bags are, because really, they're just a leather goods company. i'm the one working hard for the money i spend, and they should be happy that i decide to take my business there. it's not a privilege, it's a store in the mall.
  11. :yes: I wholeheartedly agree. I had no idea that you had to work your way up to purchase what you want. Its already expensive enough to exclude most of the population - why add to the difficulty? Thats just :nuts: .
  12. in HK you have to spend at least US$5,000 before they will offer u one :smile: there goes the urban myth of the waitlist :biggrin:

    but wait-- i did get offered a 25cm even though i had not yet purchased anything in the store... so maybe she was a nice SA ? :smile:
  13. Wow that is ridiculous! I've never really been all that interested in Hermes, because at this point in time I don't see myself spending $10,000+ on a purse. After hearing stories like this I don't know if I would ever consider purchasing anything from them. Right now I don't even have the courage to set foot in their store because I just have this feeling I'll be treated poorly, and after hearing stories like this it makes me even more hesitant.
  14. WHATTTT???? what an a**hole???
  15. Wow that is crazy ......