BEAT it!! Finally!! Chanel # 2!! *PICS*

  1. Well, I BEAT the Price Increase this time!! HA!! (That is, if it happens- Even if it doesn't....I'm sure there'll be one soon enough). Anyway, when I got my GST this past Xmas....I took so long to make up my mind, Nov. 1 (price increase date) came n' gone and I ended up getting it after. GRR!! Well, not this time!!

    My Black GST with gold h/w was my Xmas present from dh--my 1st Chanel!! I had made a deal with dh......if I could get a Chanel for Xmas, then no more bags for 3 yrs. Which was fine with me. I'm quite happy with my collection. Just wanted to add a black bag, the GST. OK, got it! :tup: I had planned on adding the Jumbo Classic Flap in black caviar in like 3 yrs.--going along with the plan dh and I agreed on. (This is the only other Chanel bag that I wanted. Then I'd be done collecting bags. Then I'd have my 2 fav. Chanels--the GST & the Jumbo Flap).

    A few weeks ago I started telling dh that Chanel was going to have another increase, and that it looks like it may be this Feb. 08. I told him if the Jumbo is going to get increased now, imagine how much it'll be in 3 yrs.!!!!! I'm like, "Maybe I should get it we can save money.." Heehee!
    He said..."Ya, it would be better to get it now..." He agreed! SCORE!:graucho:

    Ok, my GST has gold hardware.....I love gold (all my bags have gold hardware...), but for some reason in the Jumbo Flap, gold just didn't do it for me. I don't know why...weird. :sIt's nice. But I wasn't drawn to it. I found myself leaning towards the silver hardware. In the silver it just looks really cool!! Different. Plus, I thought....I'd have one of each....a Chanel with gold, and one with silver. Nice balance!

    I have so many LVs and now with my 2 Chanel's I feel quite content!!! I think I'll work on some accessories....more Sunnies, or lil LV charms, Chanel earrings, stuff like that.

    So that's the story and here she is: My Classic Flap Jumbo in Black Caviar with s/h :girlsigh: *sorry no modeling pics* too shy....:shame:

    BTW: Just got her this past holiday wkend on Martin Luther King day!

  2. Congrats!!! Glad your hubby agreed to getting a bag before the price increase. :smile:
  3. Beautiful, classic bag! Congrats!
  4. I love it!!! Am thinking of getting the same one, but looks like I'm going to be paying more!! :sad:
  5. I love the jumbo with silver h/w. I have one myself in black lambskin! Congrats on the bag, and the smart hubby! ;)
  6. AWWW How sweet of him. What's your secret? so i can do the same to my bf to see if he'll let me get another bag. hehe j/k. Congrats!! it's a beauty. You beat the price increase too. YAY!
  7. Congrats!:yahoo: I love the jumbo black flaps that I have 1 in silver h/w and 1 in gold h/w and love them both!:smile::tup:
  8. congrats on getting the purse and beating the price increase!
  9. congrats!!
  10. wow! lovely.
  11. Congratulations. Love the black with silver hardware.
    You have very good power of persuasion!!!
  12. :flowers:Thx Everyone!!!!!!:flowers:


    Heehee!! Thx!!!! :yes:....secret? LOL I don't know.......I was like..."I guess I won't be able to get the jumbo flap with the price the time 3 yrs. go'll be WAY too much"... :cry: I guess he felt sorry for me. He knows I really really wanted a classic flap. LOL maybe it was in the way I delivered it. HAHA!:lol:
  13. omg I want that Jumbo? Do you mind saying how much it was? Congrats congrats!
  14. Heehee!!:upsidedown: Thx!!!!:yes:
  15. Thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) It was $2650