Bear's kung-fu master class in Japanese zoo

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  1. April 4, 2008, 23:59
    Bear's kung-fu master class in Japanese zoo

    An Asiatic black bear has been attracting a lot of attention in a Japanese zoo by performing an unusual trick. Claude, who lives in a zoo in Hiroshima, spends hours every day twisting and twirling a stick.
    The zoo keepers say he has been obsessed with playing with sticks ever since he was little. Claude was brought to the zoo six years ago after his mother was caught in a trap and killed in the forests of Hiroshima.

    Asa Zoo has prepared 15 sticks for him to play with - each being about 1.5 metres long and weighing 4 kilogrammes.

    Claude’s performances have attracted many visitors who want to see his kung-fu like exercise.


    Here's a video of the bear:
  2. He's so cute, great post
  3. That is awesome. He's adorable! :love:
  4. Awww, the bear loves that stick!