Bearpaw or Ugg or Emu boots?

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  1. Hi girls!

    I wanted to buy a new pair of winter boots so i need your help on how good and comfortable are these 3 brands? Which one do you think is worth the money?

    Thanks for the replies~
  2. U sud get UGGs...i have two pairs and i just love them!!! they r soo worth the money and they keep ur feet warm on a COLD day and if u wear it in the summer (which i dont recommend b.c its a bad fashion statement lol) it keeps ur feets totally go for the UGGs!!
  3. u know, there're a lot of those trendy designer items that IMO are NOT worth their price, but UGGS really are. :biggrin: never heard of bearpaw, but i've had a pair of EMUS (key word 'had') and a pair of uggs, and even though the uggs r older, they've held up wayyy better, are more comfortable, and warmer... also, like angel mentioned, for some weird reason.. even though my feet r warmer in uggs, they've never felt sweaty. emus on the other hand, imo are not that warm, plus sometimes i feel like my feet are a bit slick with sweat.

    so GO FOR UGGS!
  4. Hmm.. 2 people had voted for UGG. I guess you get for what you pay for. But i heard UGG are now made in china and some people said the quality of the boots are decreasing, is that true?
  5. I have a pair of Bear Paws and a pair of Uggs that I got super cheap. My Uggs are not the classic Uggs you imagine (they're Kona) and I love them. However, if I were getting a pair of the classic Ugg-looking boots, I'd personally go for the Bear Paws (unless I found a steal). They're a lot cheaper (literally half the price) and hold up just as well in my opinion (unless you're just looking for the little piece of cloth that says "Uggs" on the back). I've seen some Uggs that baaadly need to be retired. The only reason I'm not wearing my Bear Paws right now is that I should have gotten size 6 instead of 7 since they stretch similar to Uggs.
  6. i have bear paw got 2 pair for the price 1 uggs go to for bearpaw boots freeshipping next day
  7. If you are going for a "Classic" style boot I say Bearpaw or Emu. Emus are authentic to Australia so I would say those over Uggs ( Ugg seems to have gone way down in quality since they moved production to China )
  8. I've got both Uggs and Bearpaws and, honestly, I'd get the Bearpaws. Mine are super nice and plush and keep my feet just as warm as my Uggs...for less than half the price, courtesy of Nordstrom Rack. They even recover from stains nicely if you Scotchguard them. I spilled soy sauce on a gray pair of Bearpaws and, with a little scrubbing, you can't even tell. :P

    I got two pair of Bearpaws that are identical to the Ugg Bailey Buttons (only the button is different), so there's a lot of crossover between the more basic styles.
  9. I have both Ugg Australia (which should really be Ugg China, but so it goes) and Koolaburra boots (which really are made in Australia) and after wearing both brands since 2003 or so, I can definitely say the Koolaburra brand holds up much better. I've had to re-glue the soles of my Uggs, and the sizing is inconsistent so shopping via mail was a pain. I also had to send two pairs back due to the back seams having gaps in the stitching straight from the factory.

    I got my Koolaburras at if you want to see what they look like. Most of their styles are similar to Ugg Australia, so if the label isn't important those might work for you.
  10. I do not know what style you are looking at but if it is the classic styles I vote Bearpaw or Emu. Ever since moving production to China I think Ugg is not of the same quality of the past.

    If it is a sweater style with buttons I say not Bearpaw, I am not a fan of the "bear tooth" button that they use. I much prefer the classic button look.

    On another note I was at the Atlanta Shoe Show yesterday and Bearpaw was there. They have some great looking boots coming out this fall that I am definitely interested in. Their sweater style boots are coming out in great colors, they have a textured looking Eva boot, and they have a zarape (serape) pattern coming out in two different colors.
  11. honestly none of those if you want practical boots. The girls here wear them and they get soaking wet in snow and rain. They also get easily salt stained. I would not wear them as real winter boots.

    If you care only about the fashion, well look at the other posts advice....
  12. Uggs are obviously the go-to for comfort and protection against a reasonable amount of rain/snow/etc.

    I like Bearpaws for when it's's not great against rain or snow but it's half of what Uggs cost? I think EMU is similar in concept though I have not tried them.

  13. personally, I don't think any of those brands are worth the money as practical winter boots, especially UGG.
  14. I don't have EMU and this is the first time I've heard of Bearpaw(cute name btw:biggrin:) so my vote goes to UGG!:rolleyes:
  15. Uggs! They're so warm and you dont even have to wear socks! A black pair of uggs will last forever!