~ bearonica's collection ~

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  1. Coach Hamptons Embossed Signature
    hamptons copy.jpg
  2. Great collection!
  3. Here are some more . . .

    - My Legacy collection
    - My Patent Leather tote and Hamptons Book Totes collection
    - My Carly collection
    legacy copy.jpg totes_h copy.jpg carlys copy.jpg
  4. - My Chelsea braided hobo collection
    - My Ergo collection
    - My Leather Laced Duffle collection
    chelsea copy.jpg ergos copy.jpg totes copy.jpg duffl copy.jpg
  5. Some hard to find Coach pieces (including my purple collection!):
    pink copy.jpg purple copy.jpg pleated copy.jpg
  6. and more bags (including hot pink hobo, denim sig tote, and braided carryall):
    denim copy.jpg braid copy.jpg
  7. Here are my current accessories

    Mini skinnies:
  8. and Wristlets:
    wristlet.jpg wristlet2.jpg
  9. You have such a beautiful collection. I have been dying for that scarf pring bag but its def hard to find now.
  10. wow, love the purple ones! Great collection!
  11. Thanks girls! I'm purple lover too :smile:
  12. Great collection!
  13. 1. ok your collection is great!
    2. you have several bags that i wish i had bought
  14. `carly in parchment
    `06 legacy shoulder bag
    `any of the pleated hobo
    `the plum belted tote
    I need to get a DH or a second job so i can get my collection up to tpf standards!
  15. LOL - I know what you mean! But you know, it took me a loo-ong time to build up my collection to what it is now. You'll get there! Just buy what you really, really love - and look for deals at the outlet, eBay or Dept store sales.

    I think I've almost reached the point where I don't need anymore bags (and I probably don't!) But Coach manages to bring out something new every season! I'm cooling it on bags for a while, but accessories don't count! :p