Bearn wallets in NY?

  1. I really want a "bearn plus" wallet for my vert anis kelly. :heart:
    My SA told me he could get a fuchsia one from another shop (he says it would look great with vert anis) but I will be in NY in two weeks and I was wandering how easy is it to find bearn wallets there and if I should wait and see the NY store first.
    What do you think?
    Should I wait or should I tell him to get it?
  2. Not sure if you'll be interested but I recall that several weeks ago SCP has a Vert Anis OSTRICH Bearn wallet! It was gorgeous!!!:nuts:
  3. costa!! you have a vert anis kelly???????? pics!!!!! I'm still waiting on mine to come in!
  4. Here it is!!:heart:

    Kelly 32 coromandel souple
    vert anis1.JPG ver anis2.JPG
  5. And here is more!
    vert anis3.JPG vert anis4.JPG
  6. yummy chevre
    i would wait and look in ny first. what if you get it ordered and then you see something you love on ny?
  7. Today is my my husband took me to Hermes on Saturday (I have a new blue jean Birkin that I got last month...and a gorgeous new ring) so I knew I wasn't getting anything big.
    Anyway I did get the new Bearn (black) and he got the most expensive pair of men's shoes in the world.
    I went to the Bal Harbour store...I am not good at names...but, they had the chartruese, rosey red, and one or two others.
    They also had several wallets(don't know names) that have a removable pouch. Good for travel.
    I was surprised at the amount of purses they had...for a change.
    I was also happy (this is not my store) that I didn't have to stand around begging for another Birkin.....
  8. Wow, your kelly is gorgeous!
  9. I just adore that Kelly and coromandel Souple!!
    I think a chocolate chevre Bearn would look amazing with your bag! Go to NYC first and check out the stock, then have your SA order if you don't find anything..?
  10. Congratulations on your beautiful Kelly! I also love the coromandel souple style in a Kelly. Enjoy your beautiful new piece and I hope you find a complimentary bearn soon.
  11. Wow what a beautiful Kelly! The color is amazing in the Chevre!!!!

    I'd wait for NYC before ordering one right now. It seems the NY store is always well stocked and it would be something special to bring home!
  12. Oh YEAH! A chocolate Bern? That would be GORGEOUS inside your new bag!!!! WOW!
  13. oooooh, your chevre kelly is gorgeous!!

    ditto what everyone else said about waiting until you're in NY and if you don't find a color you like, have your SA search for the color you're looking for!
  14. Thanks!
    I will wait until I'm in NYC and if I dont' find the right one I will ask my SA to search.
    I adore this Kelly!