Bearn wallet - what combi???

  1. I am trying very hard to decide on what to get for my first bearn wallet, and I think I need loads of help.

    I love contrast stitching and there is a picture of a raisin birkin with red or orange stitching that I have saved on my computer, that is very inspiring. I cannot remember where I got that photo but I am going to post it here for reference:-

    Has anyone seen Bearn wallets in this combi before?

    What colours of leather and contrast stitching is nice? I dare not step into my local Hermes store without having an idea what I want, because if I do, I may just land up buying whatever catches my eye there and then, and result me in regretting it later.
  2. YES!

    That's the Chocolate/Orange Birkin I have on order! Flossy had a choc/orange combo Dogon a while ago (I nearly bought it to match the bag!), so I'm sure they could do it in a Bearn?

    I'd like a Bearn in Graphite/White stitching after seeing Baba's Graphite bag...yum!

    I just ordered yeaterday a Natural CHamonix Birkin/white stitching.....traditional combo, but nice!

    You know who is the absolute expert in contrast stitching? Lilach! SHe comes up with the beat combinations!

    Vert anis and raisin stitching is fab too!
  3. BJ and choc stitching?

    Cyclamen and Yellow stitching?

    I'd LOOOOOOVE Rouge Vif and Pale Blue stitching!!!!!!
  4. Ooh, now that would be wonderful!:love:
  5. Theres a tiny rouge vif/ochre (yellow) combo agenda on eBay at the mement, from a seller I purchase from often.......contrast yellow stitching on the vif....looks cool....
  6. ^^I can't seem to find it. But I did find a very gorge brown chevre Vision II with Vert anis inside! Don't know anything about that seller tho. Now that's a beautimus combo. I've always like vert anis/brown stitching.
  7. mrssparkles! that's a gorgeous combination! GF, as soon as you get your SO - you've got to post pics! lovely!
  8. I'll ask today while I'm in the store.
  9. Bagg, did you go to the store today?

    So let's say the leather/colour/stitching combi that I would love to have is not available at the store. Can I special order one? Do the stores accept SO for bearn wallets, or they just sell whatever small leather items that are shipped in? Do store managers control the inventory for small leather items like they do for Kellys and Birkins?
  10. K, wow! You have a SO in that combi? That's excellent. You must do a song and dance when your SO arrives. I think raisin with orange stitching looks similar and as stunning too. What leather have you chosen for your choc SO?

    If a HAC comes in such a combi at our local store, I would grab it!
  11. Has anyone seen or does anyone own a Bearn wallet with contrast coloured stitching? Is there such a thing actually?

    My store manager has reserved 2 Bearns for me to review, and both of them have constrast white stitching.

    Decision, decision ...