Bearn Wallet Prices

  1. can someone enlighten me about the prices of the bearn wallet in Paris vs. north america?

    I think I'm going for either a goat skin (chevre bi-fold) or ostrich. Normally I'ld prefer to get it at my local H (in Canada) but since I figure a wallet is a small and easy to "sneak" back home...

    Would you ladies think I'ld save a bit more getting it in Paris? Oh and the prices in Canada are already about appx. 15-20% higher than US.

    Or would your recommend just getting it at the local H?

  2. In Paris, it was 1210 euros :smile: for Chevre.
  3. Regular leather bifold is ~$1500 USD (chvre is little more)before tax & trifold chevre was $1925 USD before tax.
  4. Box Bern bifold was $1,650.00 in NYC just last month! I thought Chevre would be more expensive.....
  5. That chevre price was from like 5~6 months ago! I saw box bifold bearn with gasset (sp?) for $1775 in Boston!
  6. LOL, I'm always a fan of saving money... I think if you (or someone you know) happens to be in Paris and the have the color/leather combo you want, I'd save the money and buy it from there!

    1210 euros will convert to around 1936 Cdn, but you'll get 10% VAT back, so it'll be 1742 Cdn... I figure you'll save several hundred dollars!
  7. thanks aspen and shopmom for your price inputs!

    Perja was the price that you provided relatively recent?

    tweetie if 1210 = 1936 cdn that doesn't seem like a will be saving much?! You said we can get back 10% VAT? really? I thought anything brought back to Canada willl be taxed?!!!

    Well....I'm open to colors ! One other question... would ostrich age rather fast when compared to chevre since it darkens easily?
  8. Yup. It was that price today when I went there and when I got my Bearn VERY recently.
  9. You know, I think the prices went up again for the wallets... Shopmom says her Box Bifold was $1650 US, and my Chamonix's retail earlier in the year was $1550US (I think those 2 leathers are the same price) - I think there must have been another price hike since then.

    The VAT is a % you get back whenever you're a non-EU resident (one of the reasons I love shopping in Europe!) Well, *technically* you're supposed to pay tax on everything over $750 that you bring back, but...

    Anyhoo - savings should be several hundred anyway...
  10. Anyone know the price of bearn w/ diamonds? How about the bi-fold??

    Aspen? seem to be the 'go to' girl for croc...;)
  11. Heehee...bearn(long one, not compact one) with diamond croc. was about $12000.

    I just bought another croc. bearn wallet without diamond. It was $3650 before tax.
  12. ^^ ......I knew it! would

    Thank you...:flowers:
  13. :graucho: :graucho: :P
    No problem!:idea: Are you going to buy one?
  14. I got Fuchsia ostrich bearn but it darkened after couple of weeks use only!! I prefer either Chevre or crocodile!!
  15. The one I picked up in Paris in late November was EUR $1060. Cannot tell which leather it is now, as my only receipt was submitted to the tax refund centre. Funny Hermes only provided the tax refund form as the receipt. I was supposed to keep one copy, but the UK custom took both when I left London on my way back home.