bearn wallet in ostrich

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  1. ok, how much is a bearn wallet in ostrich? does the leather hold up well?
  2. It is approx $2500.00 U.S. I had purchased an orange, one only to get it home in a different light and noticed the back was slightly darker than the front when opened and laid flat. I returned it and purchased an orange leather one,not sure of the leather? and had an $822.00 store credit that was put towards my Birkin purchase. Now I am happy because I realized I wasn't looking for Ostrich;I was looking for orange.
  3. My bearn was $2500 and it is fuschia ostrich. I LOVE it and it does indeed hold up well. I think ostrich is probably the most durable exotic skin done by Hermes.
  4. I saw the bearn wallet in croc with diamonds at the store in Harrods and it was out of this world!

    I've seen the ostritch bearns, and they are amazing!! I think they hold up pretty well even after long periods of use.
  5. Ostrich Bearns are stunners! I especially love the blue hues and the fuchia is an eye-popper.
  6. i believe its about 3400+ CAD
    gorgeous wallet!
  7. thanks everyone....just thinking about getting one.....there are just toooooooo many Hermes items that I love and yearn for:tender::love::tender: